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2005 Ford F350 PowerStroke 6.0L

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2781 days ago 0 comments Categories: Dodge Tags: 1995, Dodge, 3500, Cummins, DRW, 2WD, No, over, drive, and low, idle
Vehicle confirms low idle and no overdrive.  Adjusted base idle and TPS sensor.  Idles perfect. Used scan tool to view OD command.  Circuit and solenoid tests ok. Removed pan to inspect OD solenoid
The truck came in without symptoms.  Only check engine light.  Found P0240 Turbo boost sensor b circuit range/performance.  Pressurized boost system with regulated shop air and found small leak at pas
2790 days ago 0 comments Categories: Dodge Tags: dodge, cummins
Today I had a gentleman come in with a crank position sensor performance code. He admitted that he had replaced the sensor with a mopar and a BWD. Vehicle would not run on the mopar and would run wi