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15.07.2013 (2742 Days Ago)

1999 5.4 Gas F 250 LD SCT install and review

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Revived 5.4 200xxx miles
Revived 5.4 200xxx miles
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During my employment at STL Diesel I have sold many SCT 3015 model tuners.  I was aware of the SCT's ability to tune Powerstrokes well, so I experimented with a used unit we took in on trade on my high mileage F 250 5.4L.

The only available tunes for my bastard 7 lug f 250 ld was a high performance 5.4 f 150 tune, an Expedition and Excursion tune.

After uploading the tune it was very evident that not only my engine ran better, but my transmission shifted 10 times firmer and can now mash on the throttle without dropping two gears and making lots of noise and no speed.

Bottom line is for the money the SCT can drastically improve even the way a gas engine runs out.  I cannot give any numbers, but a full tank lasts about 50 miles longer.

I have owned the truck for nearly 10 years, and it has 200,000 miles.  Never have I felt this comfortable with my truck on the highway and around town.

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