STL Diesel Cologne Approved By Women.

Millions of men come home everyday with the smell of a shop on their clothes that many women like.

What if that smell could be bottled and sold as a novelty for mechanics and workers alike.

Other scents could include:

-Transmission Shoppe-

-Diesel Texx-



This will be in production as soon as someone tells me its not a BAD idea.

We will have to test it on gerbils and geese first.




One Response to “ STL Diesel Cologne Approved By Women. ”

  1. I love the way my husband smells when he comes home every evening. Not only is it a good smell, could be sewer, but it’s a sign of the hard work he does daily to help support our family. He’s proud to be a member of such a great team. I would rather him smell like hard work than $2 bathroom polo that you can smell a mile away.
    Now, the days he comes home DRIPPING in the random fluids……. That’s a different story 😉

    But I vote YES for the new cologne.
    But, the animals we are married to are the perfect Guinea Pigs. Leave the geese and gerbils alone!

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