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Classic Missouri Dept Of Conservation Truck to Get Late Model Mods

Darrell miller and Dave blum admiring the truck.

One of the admired qualities about working at a Diesel shop is the prospect of creating interesting projects in the off time.  A couple months ago a young lady had a really bad-off Toyota Rav4.  This being her only vehicle, it was very important to have it running at peak efficiency.  In passing conversation she mentioned her families barn truck, and how it needed a lot of work.  An idea popped into existance at that moment.  Why not overhaul the Toyota in trade for the classic truck.  If the RAV’s repairs were added up the cost vastly surpassed the value of the truck, but that wasnt the point.  She got what she needed, and we got a new project, keeping the gears turning on the left side of our brains.