Part 1 of 3: Birth Of A Plow Truck


Snow removal is a very lucrative business when mother nature allows for it.  A garden variety day for a snow removal technician is nothing short of brutal on driver and truck a like.  We are going to focus on the truck in this story.

A plow truck begins its life as a general daily driver pickup in a light duty environment.  After some years, mileage, dents and dings her job title changes a bit.  She may be hauling heaping piles of gravel in the bed, or pulling heavy equipment trailers to job sites.  Either way the later part of this trucks life gets harder.  If this is sounding familiar to your habits, don’t worry it is the natural way of things.

The year dangles into the fall and meteorologists, almanacs, or wholly worms infer a harsh winter.  Snow removal season is upon us in a blink of an eye, and you need to be ready for the first snow, a plow and salt spreader becomes part of this truck.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Life of a Plow Truck, and Part 3: Death of a Plow Truck

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