My First Time – A Poem – By Jennifer Harbaugh


I knew it would hurt

Anticipation grew in my heart

I had heard of people actually bleeding from it

Dangerous it would be,

With many risks involved.

But I didn’t care

This is what I get, listening to my friends

The ride was bumpy and awkward

Each move jarring my whole body

Wondering if I had made the right choice

I had already come too far to turn back

He told me that I would be fine,

That he knew what he was doing.

But I couldn’t help but let doubt seep into my soul

What if we went too fast?

What if we went too far?

Would I be a better partner next time?

I couldn’t shake the fear

We moved faster and faster

The ride grew more violent

Soon it began to hurt

I begged him to slow down,

But he told me it would be over soon.

I gripped tighter and closed my eyes

Together we rocked, approaching our goal

I opened my eyes at the precise moment

Only to feel my hips move toward the sky,

Floating in the air momentarily.

I knew this was the climax of the ride,

What I had been waiting for.

My stomach lurched for what lay ahead

My body flew forward with no control,

Both of us clinging and grunting as we hit the ground.

I was both exhilarated and terrified of what I just did

Looking into my partners eyes I ask,

“Can we go four-wheeling again tomorrow?”


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